Mary L*Asterisk

Groovy rhythms, soul hip hop phrasing, trip hop atmospheres, African accents in the vocals, Mary L * Asterisk is this deliciously spicy mixture, both astonishing and astonishing!

Impulsive musician who knows how to mix her instinct with her sensuality, it is in the language of Molière that this leonine girl chooses to give substance to her songs.


Jian is a band born in October 2015 from the reunion of the members of two groups from Nyon and Vevey, making Karim's basses collide with Sebastien's drums and Adam's guitar.


Both melodious and energetic, this encounter mixes the nonchalance of Grunge with the Alternative ethos, sublimated by a zest of Punk aggressiveness.


Originally formed around progressive metal, Unphased took a radical turn by orienting its music around the world of the soundtrack.

Still not denying their origins, the mixture goes wonderfully for all productions of music, films and video games.


KØDE is a noisecore multi-staff powerwave organization that emerged from nothing in 2016, many years after a debut album titled Random Zero

Their first LP "Discrete Transformation" was released in October 2019 under the label of Division Records

Papa Wolf

Papa Wolf has been singing the blues in French for almost 30 years. For him, if the musical style must remain American because it was born in the States, the lyrics can be sung in any language because the blues is universal.


From 1991, he sings in the streets of Lausanne and connects the groups of Blues-rock. His music will always be the Blues. In 2018, Mister Chris, joined him in percussion to complete the training and the concept "street blues". Then in 2019, Monsieur Jo joined them on lead guitar and backing vocals.

"The blues road is also an ocean of passion, where resides a multitude of admirable backgrounds, dark and filled with tears, and when you drown there, you feel yourself dying and being reborn with more force and love in you. " Daddy wolf

Colour Of Rice

Color of Rice is a delicate silhouette and a voice that is light like curls of steam.
It is also, behind the sweetness, a touch of mischief, unpredictable like the grain of a bowl of rice:

“The diversity of this food fascinates me. Red, black rice, turning purple when cooked… You have to be able to observe, listen, feel that there is more than white rice ”, explains Color of Rice, alias Rani Bruggmann.