Under Oak Studio is located in Gland in the first basement of the Avouillons industrial zone,
hence its name: "Under the oak".


The premises are divided into 2 parts :

Sound and Video Management

Sébastien Tavel is in charge of sound management.

The 22m2 control room accommodates a Midas M32 console in order to be able to record up to 32 audio tracks simultaneously during Live Showcase and thus benefit from a live live mixing for musicians in the Studio.

Julien Ordan is in charge of video management.

On the other side of the control room is the video editing bench under Première Pro in order to be able to create future Live Showcase videos.


The 45m2 studio accommodates several musical instruments, a stand alone production station and free space for our live showcase.



The studio's backline is available for your sessions:


Gretsch Renown Maple

  • Bass Drum: 22x18 ''

  • Snare: 14x5.5 ''

  • Tom High: 13x9 ''

  • Floor Tom: 16x16 ''

  • Floor Tom: 18x16 ''

  • Cymbals: HHX Evolution

Bass Amplifier:

  • Little MarkBass III

Bass Cabinet:

  • MarkBass Traveler 102P: 2x 10 ''

  • MarkBass 151: 1x 15 ''

Guitar Amplifier:

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

  • Orange Rocker 30

Guitar Cabinet:

  • Marshall 1960 Lead


  • Polivoks analog synth

  • CS-15 analog synth

  • Digital Synth Behringer DeepMind

  • Roland Gaia Digital Synth

  • Korg SV1 Digital Piano