Live Showcase

Prices vary depending on the length of the shoot:

1 song up to 5 minutes : 700.- CHF

3 songs up to 15 minutes : 2100.- CHF

5 songs up to 30 minutes : 3500.- CHF

7 songs up to 45 minutes : 4800.- CHF

10 songs up to 1 hour : 7000.- CHF

The rates indicated above include:

  • Audio and video recordings

  • Audio mixing and video editing

  • The publication of the live showcase on our Youtube channel.

Recordings & Mixes

As each project is unique, it is difficult to estimate a price without knowing your project.

For the recording and audio mixing of your projects, the basic rates are from 50 .- / hour.

Please contact us using our form to present your project and establish a quote.